5 Top Social Media Sites Big Brands Use for Business


Most people especially startups are confusing themselves about social media and they usually have no idea on what it is and what it can do for their business. Others have the wrong idea about social media sites, so let me tell you more about it.

This article will talk about the top social media sites that big brands use for their business. You will have a hint on what social media sites you can use for business purposes depending on your industry.

To give you an idea, we will start by answering the questions: “what are social media sites” and “what’s the use of using one”.

Let’s answer the first question. To understand this, let’s break down the word itself. Basically, we all know what a website is—it is a location from the Internet that contains one or more pages on the World Wide Web.

Social media is something that is used to communicate. It is a social tool that is used to communicate.

Given with that meaning, a social media site is a website that is used to communicate. A social media site tends to communicate without the physical contact or presence, which is made possible through the Internet. It tends not only to give information but also to interact to the people while giving information.

Now that you have an idea what a social media site is, let me enumerate the social media sites that big brands use for their business.

Top Social Media Sites that Big Brands Use for Their Business

1. Facebook

Almost all people already have their own Facebook account.

On June 2013, it has been announced that Facebook already have 1 million active advertisers, companies, and organizations that are advertising through their website. On the 3rd of October 2013, there are already 500 million people who use Facebook and more than 250 million people use Facebook from their mobile devices.

Given that data, it is proven enough that Facebook can be an effective tool on marketing and advertising your business regardless of how big it is.

Why is Facebook good for business?
We know that Facebook is a social networking site, but for most marketers, it is considered as one of the best social media marketing tools for them. A good tool usually has a feature that is designed for businesses to use, and Facebook has that feature. The feature of Facebook for business is known as the Facebook Fan Page or Facebook Page for Businesses.

It is a feature allowed by Facebook for its users to create, however this feature is mostly used by businesses. Businesses use this as an advantage to build a place for its consumers and other people who are interested in their business. They can post and share information about anything.

The good thing about Facebook Page is that it has feature wherein you can track all things that is happening in your page; you can also do advertising for your business using Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads you can gain a new lead, fans and website traffic.

When you posted an ad for your business, Facebook delivers it to your target audience, making it more efficient since it will only target those people who would more likely be interested in your business.

2. Google Plus

Google+ is a site created by Google designed for social interaction.

I believe that there will be much more potential on Google+ than it has right now. When Google+ was launched, it was not yet finished and many people are wondering why.

Google itself call it a Google+ project. And when you say project, it is something that is being integrated as time goes by. Meaning, there are much more to expect from this social networking site.

If you want to engage your business to social media, this social media site is also recommended. You might benefit from it in the long run.

How can Google+ help you in your business?
Google+ is backed by the number 1 search engine in the world, which means it also contains some features of Google. Google+ allows you to create your own business page just like in Facebook.

It also provides data and insights about your page. It has also been said that Google+ helps you not only through connecting with your customers but also helps your website rank on search engines.

3. Twitter

Twitter was once called twttr, which is a text message service that allowed user to quickly communicate with small group. Then it evolved to Twitter and is now one of the largest social media sites today.

What makes up Twitter?
Since a post in Facebook is called status whereas it is called share in Google+, Twitter has tweets. Basically, it came from the sound of the birds when they communicate: tweet.

Twitter is also known as a microblogging site. Its tweet is only limited to 140 characters, which means that tweets should be more specific compared to Facebook status and Google+ share. This is also the same reason why out of all social media sites out there, Twitter has a more real-time conversation when it comes to posting.

How can Twitter be used for business?
On Twitter, you can also create a profile that is designed for your business and have real-time communication with your consumers. You can also update your consumers about different things that are happening on your business.

It that sense, you are also building your own brand. It also helps your consumers to identify you because it is a more personal approach.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is like a scrapbook except that it’s on the web. There are 70 million users that use Pinterest based on last update: 7/10/13. It is said that 80% of Pinterest users are women and most of them have a budget on buying products from different companies.

Yes, it’s true that Pinterest is more on visual. But it doesn’t circle on that aspect only; of course you can also add text on it. Its algorithm for searches also involves text. This is usually used by retailers, manufacturers, and travel sites, whose marketing strategies concerns more on visuals.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media site that has more than 240 million people in it. Regular people are not really familiar with LinkedIn maybe because the users of this social media site are more business oriented.

LinkedIn functions like an online résumé where most human resources find the perfect people to hire. You can list all your previous works, projects, and companies that you have worked for and put it in your LinkedIn account.

For some businesses and professionals, it is important to have an account on LinkedIn because this is one way of getting potential leads that can help their business.

Your Turn:

What are your Top 5 Social media sites you use for your business? Which of them gives you the most conversion for your business?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or by sharing your feedback about this article. You may also follow us on Facebook. We love to get connected with you!

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