65 Best Small Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2017


36. Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop

Beauty Parlors and Barber Shops continue to proliferate because there is sustained demand for their services. Men get at least one haircut every month while women go through an assortment of treatments whenever they feel like it.

You have to make sure you have excellent barbers and stylists. Many barbers freelance their services. This is a capital intensive business as you have to invest in equipment and maintain a regular inventory of the best hair cleaning solutions in the market.

But you are assured of volume every month as long as the barbers and stylists are consistent with the quality of service.

37. Bakery

Filipinos are not picky eaters. We do just fine with pandesal and coffee for breakfast. And just like the coffee shop, the bakery has become a standard feature of almost every neighborhood.

You will need a good, clean area for baking your offerings. Popular bakery fare aside from pandesal is Spanish bread, monay, donuts, and pan de coco. Some bakeries continue to do a good business even if they are selling products at 2 to 5 Pesos.

38. Investments Consultant

2016 was not a great year for investments. It was a horror story as far as the stock market was concerned. The rise of the US dollar did not translate into better earnings for migrant workers because the cost of commodities and petroleum products continued to go up.

2017 is expected to be an even worse year because of the unpredictable Presidency of Donald Trump. Remember when America sneezes everyone catches a cold.

Filipinos will be looking for ways to maximize their money in light of the expected volatility in the equities markets in 2017. If you have experience trading in equities and financial consultancy, 2017 could be a great year of opportunity for you.

Set up a website that gives personal or private consultation, stock market tips, forecasts and current developments. You should rack up the number of followers within a short time.

39. T-Shirt Design and Printing

T-Shirt design and printing businesses continue to be good ideas because there will always be a market for shirts.

You can target companies, schools, and agencies that need printed shirts on a regular basis. You can also offer customized designs which are more expensive per piece.

This will also require some investment particularly on the printer you will use on the t-shirts.

40. Supplements Retailer

The supplements market has shown steady growth over the last ten years. More Filipinos are buying supplements to improve their overall health and well-being.

You will need a reliable and trusted wholesaler of supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Filipinos buy both imported and local supplements. Usually, foreign brands are the choice for muscle building supplements and local for herbal and weight-loss supplements.

41. Music Studio / Rehearsal Room

There is no secret that Filipinos love to sing. Often that passion for singing, dance or perform will translate into a career in entertainment. Every day hundreds or even thousands of Filipinos practice becoming the next Gary Valenciano, Sarah Geronimo or the Eraserheads.

If you have a bunch of good quality musical instruments in your home, why not convert a room into a music studio for aspiring singers to rehearse at? You will have to make sure the room is sound proof with great acoustics. As a bonus feature, offer recording services and music lessons if you have the pedigree for teaching.

42. Art Lessons

Filipinos are also very talented when it comes to drawing. As proof, many of Hollywood’s graphic arts work are done by Filipinos. Have you heard of Whilce Portacio, Carlo Pagulayan, and Leinil Yu? These are Filipinos who have rendered memorable art for Marvel Comics!

If you have the skills, the training and the background you should consider offering art lessons for future Filipino talent. You can set up a small art studio in your home.

43. Transportation Rental Services

This is a growing industry in the Philippines that is expected to make it bigger in 2017. Signs are pointing to the MMDA shifting from the highly-ineffective number coding policy to the more asinine odd-even scheme which means you will not be able to use your car three days a week.

Cars are a depreciating asset, but in a rental program, you can recover the cost. Start out with 1 or 2 cars. It’s possible that your monthly earnings can cover the cost of the amortization.

44. Catering Services

If you are still interested in getting into the food retail business, a more viable option than a sit-down restaurant is catering service.

With a catering service, you only hire people when you have a client. You should set up a separate kitchen in your home so you can cook without interruption.

Your margin in catering is good because you have complete control over food cost and people are only paid per productive hour.

45. Photography Services

A Photography business will always have clients. However, the competition can be tight, and the equipment requires a considerable investment.

In addition to the camera, you will have to buy Photo Editing software, lighting equipment, and other tools that can accommodate different types of photo shoots.

You should expand your suite of offerings to include events, weddings, food shots, corporate shots and fashion layouts among others.

46. Rice Retailer

Rice will always be in demand in the Philippines. It is a meal staple in every household. It doesn’t matter where your rice retailer shop is located. You will always find ready customers on a daily basis.

The margins might be low because the DTI or Department of Trade and Industry is always keeping track of variances from standard retail prices. Perhaps you should offer different varieties of rice in small quantities just to support a healthy profit margin.

47. Car Wash

Car Wash businesses are mushrooming everywhere. You can find them inside the mall and within the neighborhood. They are always busy from Monday to Sunday.

A car wash business is quite labor intensive. I see some car wash shops with around two people working per car. I’m surprised how busy these businesses get especially on Sundays.

According to one of the car wash proprietors I spoke to, they charge 80 Pesos per the basic wash. On an average day, they’ll wash 20 cars. But the numbers could go up to 40 to 50 on the weekends. He mentioned that customers also include vacuum, shampooing and tire black.

I think this will be a good business for 2017 if you can find a way to maximize labor or push sales of other services.

48. Survival Kits

In 2015, many people including those in local government were talking about “The Big One” or the anticipated mega-earthquake that could result in widespread devastation. I remember schools were asking their students to make survival kits which they should carry all the time.

This could be a good business idea for 2017. Not many people know how to put together a survival kit. You could produce a few and distribute them in drug stores and convenient markets. Keep it low cost by using generic medicines but keep track of the expiration of the products.

You will have to do a lot of marketing and promotional work to increase awareness of the importance of your product.

49. Entertainment Booths

You see more of these entertainment booths at weddings, birthday parties, and even corporate events. The popular ones are the photo booth and the mobile karaoke center.

It will require a bit of an investment to buy the booth and a tremendous amount of legwork and networking. Reach out to event organizers and offer them good discounts.

50. Air-Conditioner Repair Services

Air-Conditioner repair services are becoming increasingly popular for two reasons:

  • Buying a new air-conditioner is expensive
  • Customer and technical support of retailers and distributors of certain brands is not good

More air-conditioner owners are looking for repair and maintenance services to keep their units in good shape.

You will need qualified technicians for this kind of business plus a good network to avail of parts and other supplies.

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