How I Earned 190,957 PHP (US$4,062.93) on a Single Blog

This is the 100th post of Tycoon Philippines ( thereafter), and I want to make it extra special. If you are one of the people who follow me and my other blogs for quite some time, you probably know that I have been blogging since 2006 and have been experimenting monetizing blogs since 2008. You

How to Make Money from a Blog through Selling Adverts

One of the leading motivations of putting up and managing a blog is earning money from it, especially if the website is envisioned as a business. A business isn’t a business without a profit. Agree? So how do you monetize a blog and really make money out of it? Before I tell you how to

5 Tips on How to Generate Leads for your Home-Based Business

Home business is becoming popular to most people today. Filipinos are fond of carrying out home businesses since it is very hard to find a job in the country. Those people who have a hard time getting a job tend to do their own business to gain income. It is common for them either to

6 Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Blog

So you heard about blog. Well, this article circles around blog, blogger, and blogging. Let’s get to the first thing, what is a blog? It is more like a personal website where you can write whatever you want. For most people, they define this as an online diary. It is a website where you can

8 Blogging Tips and Strategies for an Effective Content Marketing

There are so many ways on how to develop your business using the Internet, and one of those is using social media or social networking platforms. But in order to develop your business effectively, you must first have your own business website. People can easily browse and buy your products or services on your website.