29 Best Small Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2015


Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in the Philippines. Because of this problem, some people are looking for something that will help them live throughout the day.

However, even employed people can have problems when it comes to their expenses. This is why those people who bear entrepreneurial spirits are doing business.

In doing business, there are things that you should consider such as capital and investments. The results of any business can either a success or a failure.

Small businesses are perfect for those who do not have a job but has the capital. It also works best for those people who are employed but wants to have another source of income.

Even though it’s early before the New Year comes, this is just the perfect time to choose and plan for your new business venture. Here is the list of the top 29 small businesses that you can do here in the Philippines.

Best Small Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2015

1. Sari-Sari Store Business

The sari-sari store is the most typical business that Filipinos do which only requires a small capital to start. From the word sari-sari, which means variety, people sell different kinds of stuff or snacks and gain profit from it.

Although this is not a “big shot” business, having a sari-sari store as a business is a very effective way of gaining profit with small capital. This is a good business especially for those people who have a lot of time or for people who love selling things.

You can invest in having a simple space to get this started, but be sure the room is facing the road. Most sari-sari store owners put up their store in front of their house. You can then fill that space with different things such as condiments, snacks, candies, and so on, as long as they fit your budget.

2. Rice Retailing Business

Unlike other people from different, Filipinos eat rice almost every day. Rice is considered a necessity in the Philippines. This is why people prefer to sell rice grains which consumers will surely buy.

Although this is a sure shot business, you will still need a fair amount of capital and a good business space. You can also rent a good stall around your area. Make sure that you always maintain the cleanliness of your store and products.

3. Food Cart Business

Food cart business is a very popular business to start but many people are tricked by this. Some food cart owners let others franchise their food cart in a low price with no royalty fee. However, you should keep in mind that you will become only a seller of the product and not a business owner.

If you want to invest in this kind of business, make sure that you will franchise the products that have already made their names and brands. You can also create your food cart by simply setting up a food cart with your own products. This can also be considered as an investment.

If your products are good, you can be a franchisor and serve as an inspiration to other people who want to do business with you.

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4. Printing Business

Printing can have a very good market especially when you are in the Philippines. Companies that use traditional marketing create tarpaulins, billboards, and other advertising materials.

Aside from marketing purpose, printing business also works on special occasions. This can be birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals.

Getting the right location for this kind of business is very crucial. A few of the best place to start this business is near a school, and wherein students need to print different materials for their daily projects.

Remember to plan all the necessary things before creating this business.

5. Buy and Sell Business

You can usually see this business everywhere especially when you love browsing the web for products to buy. There are lots of products out there, which people tend to buy or sell.

From the words that define it – buy and sell, this is a business wherein you will buy products like gadgets and clothing for a low price and sell them at a fair price. The capital you need here ranges from small-to-large depending on the things you will be buying.

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