111+ Best Small Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2017


61. Travel Agency Business

Despite the depreciation of the Peso, Filipinos continue to push through with their travel plans. If you want to put up a travel agency, you can still get bookings for people interested in visiting our islands.

It might be a good idea to be a member of IATA or the International Air Transport Association. As a member of IATA, you get to issue travel tickets. Non-IATA members have to function as middlemen and will not have the capacity to issue lower priced tickets.

62. Campaign Broker

The Philippines remains a global hotspot for outsourcing. Many people want to enter the industry but do not know how to get clients. If you have built a good-sized network of companies looking to do business in the Philippines or if you have great success in networking, a career as a campaign broker can be lucrative.

You can request for a Finder’s Fee which is equivalent to 3% of the first month revenues earned by the outsourcing company. You can also earn by adding a markup on the fees charged by the outsourcing company to the client.

But you should build a good reputation for your business as the industry is filled with campaign scammers.

63. Corporate Massage Business

I mentioned this as a growing trend in Australia. Companies are hiring corporate massage therapists to give their employees massages during breaks. It’s a great way to relieve stress, promote health and wellness in the office and show employees you care.

Years ago I saw a popular fast-food chain give customers massages. It didn’t seem like a good idea back then because how can you appreciate a massage when you’re busy eating fries?

But the concept should work in an office environment. Make sure you hire certified massage therapists and have good equipment on hand.

64. Jewelry Making Business

Filipinos are talented in creating fashionable accessories. That’s why jewelry making continues to be a popular small business idea in the Philippines.

You can run the business from home, and the cost of materials are not expensive. You are also assured of a market; Filipinos love buying jewelry. Sell them online through your website or participate in trade shows and flea markets.

65. Personal Shopper

Traffic will always be a part of life in the Philippines until such time that Filipinos finally elect a leader willing to prioritize traffic management in the country. It’s a huge inconvenience to daily life. But as they say, “When life throws you lemons make lemonade.”

Take advantage of the misery of millions of Filipinos by becoming a Personal Shopper. Every day some people want to go out so they can buy gifts for someone. It’s not just traffic they have to deal with but also parking issues and long lines at the payment counters.

As a Personal Shopper, you can help make shopping a convenience for countless Filipinos. Many will shell out big bucks to avoid shopping. Try to establish connections will merchandisers and retailers so you can get discounts for bringing them business.

66. Supplements Retailing Business

I see this becoming more frequent in my social media pages. More and more supplement retailers are coming up.

These retailers offer protein powders, mass gainers, fat burners, pre-workout drinks and other vitamins and minerals. The supplement industry generates billions of dollars every year as people are becoming more health conscious.

This is evident in the Philippines as more people are signing up for gym memberships. Start out as an online retailer, so you lower down costs and offer more competitive prices. Also, include delivery services for nearby villages.

67. Transportation Rental Services Business

How many good small business ideas have we come up so far that are a direct result of the Philippines’ horrible traffic situation? Uber, e-commerce, Personal Shopper and here’s another one: transportation rental services.

Similar to Uber, rental services is a proven way of extracting value from a depreciating asset like a car. The advantage of rental services is even if your car is more than three years old people will rent it as long as it is in good working condition.

I have seen rental services that charge 18,000 for 3 days use of the car. The fees would depend on the size of the car and the duration of use. There are some proprietors who charge a flat fee of 3,000 for an entire day’s use of the car.

68. Survival Kits Business

For the last few years, we’ve been hearing about “The Big One” or the earthquake that is supposed to cause damage of biblical proportions in Metro Manila. In addition to frequent earthquake drills, city governments are requesting people to have survival kits.

This is a small business idea that will also help Filipinos get ready for any calamity, not just The Big One. If you want to be successful, think out of the box and be more creative on what shall be included in your survival kit.

Perhaps offer a mobile phone that has a 30-day battery life. Include tablets that can convert tap water into potable water. Add generic medicines, first aid items, and powerful pocket flashlight.

People are willing to spend on survival kits that are unique and have items that can help them get through life threatening situations.

69. Caregiver Home Services Business

This is a small business idea that I saw in a documentary on the elderly in Canada. Caregivers regularly visit their patients every day and provide them their medications and companionship.

The advantage of this type of business in the Philippines is that Filipinos take care of their own elderly. Very few leave them at elderly homes unlike in North America.

Caregiver Home Services fills in the hours when the children have to be at work and cannot watch over their elderly parents. Some can even stay overnight and keep watch while the elderly sleep. It is during these hours that most accidents happen.

70. Business Liaison Business

Every day a Filipino moves closer to his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. One of the limiting factors in putting up a business is complying with the multitude of requirements. Fortunately, there are people who can make the process much easier.

Business Liaison Professionals are in demand and not just from local entrepreneurs but also from foreign companies that want to do business in the Philippines. If you have experience registering businesses at SEC or DTI, getting permits from local governments and the tax agency, you may find yourself business most of the year.

Business Liaison Professionals can charge anywhere from 30,000 to 75,000 Pesos for their services.

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71. Money Changer Business

Moneychangers are a welcome sight for OFW’s and other outsourcing companies that get paid in foreign currencies. Their rates will always be much better than banks. You can even buy foreign currency with little restriction.

To become a money changer, you must be accredited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP, the Central Bank of the Philippines. This is a good small business idea in 2017 because, given the uncertainty of foreign currencies, markets are more volatile. You can take advantage of the wide fluctuations in currency prices.

72. Lotto Outlet Business

Just when you think it has run its course, more lotto outlets continue to be set up. Filipinos love to play the game of chance and hope the numbers they select will finally give them a better life.

You still see long queues in many lotto outlets. The key is location. You need to put up your outlet in a location with high foot traffic because the margins in a lotto business are small. You earn 5% to 7% of every lotto ticket you sell.

Still not enough business ideas? Here are more to choose from!

  • 73. Alternative Medicine Consultant
  • 74. Apartment/Transient Rental Business
  • 75. App Development Business
  • 76. Book Writing Service Business
  • 77. Bookkeeping Business
  • 78. Calligraphy Business
  • 79. Candle Making Business
  • 80. Child Care Business
  • 81. Computer Shop / Internet Café Business
  • 82. Construction Supplies Business
  • 83. Contractor/Construction Business
  • 84. Dog Training Business
  • 85. Financial Advice Business
  • 86. Franchise a Money Transfer Business
  • 87. Gadget Repair Services
  • 88. Gardening and Landscaping Business
  • 89. Hair wax and Pomades Business
  • 90. Home Appliances Repair Services
  • 91. Home Automation Business
  • 92. House Remodeling Business
  • 93. Karaoke Rental Business
  • 94. Music Recording/Studio Business
  • 95. Nutritionist
  • 96. Online Clothing Store Business
  • 97. Palamig Business
  • 98. Pet Shop Business
  • 99. Plumbing Business
  • 100. Podcasting
  • 101. Portrait and Caricature Business
  • 102. Poultry Business
  • 103. Recreation Business
  • 104. Sari-sari Store Business
  • 105. School Supplies Business
  • 106. Seasonal Product Business
  • 107. Sell Organic Products
  • 108. Sewing Business
  • 109. Tarpaulin Printing Business
  • 110. Videography Business
  • 111. Vlogging
  • 112. Voice Over Talent

Phew, that’s a total of 112 small business ideas that you can start in the Philippines this year. We’ll continue to update this article to provide you more valuable information in the future.

Start your best small business idea in the Philippines for 2017

Despite being an expanded list, I may have overlooked other ideas which may interest you. The point is this: if you have a small business idea that you want to pursue in the Philippines for 2017, by all means, go for it!

In business, there is never such a thing as the “right time.” Opportunities abound everywhere; they are present every day, and if you don’t move forward, you may never see them.

Conduct research on its feasibility and keep an open mind. If the numbers are good, then set your plan into motion by legalizing your business entity. If the numbers aren’t good, pursue your next idea!

Entrepreneurship can be hit or miss. Every idea sounds and looks good until you’ve launched it. That’s where you have to deal with a myriad of factors that will influence your level of success.

But the worst thing you can do is not to pursue your entrepreneurial dream. We all can’t be winners. Entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Elon Musk all had gone through their share of failures before they struck it big.

Failure is a painful experience that we all dread. But you should not be afraid of failure because it makes the taste of victory even sweeter once you’ve accomplished your goal!

* * *

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