55 Best Summer Business Ideas at Home in the Philippines


Summertime is just a few months away. What are we to do? Should you take the usual summer vacation or come up with the best summer business ideas at home?

The old stand-by, the Lemonade Stand, is making a comeback. Have you noticed the increasing number of lemonade stands in the malls? But there is more to starting a summer business than just freshly-squeezed lemonade mixed with water, ice and sugar.

There are other summer business ideas you can do at home. And summer is the perfect time to start a business because traditionally, the second quarter of the year encourages people to spend.

Here are 55 of the best summer ideas you can start at home in the Philippines:

1. Halo Halo Stand

Let’s start with the obvious. What is summer without Halo-Halo? Yes, it is the perfect, all-year-round dessert but more so during summer. Dare to be different by investing in a machine that makes fine powder ice. The quality of the ice differentiates great Halo-Halo from so-so Halo-Halo. Give it a Hawaiian spin by using condensed milk instead of evaporated milk!

2. Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft serve ice cream is fast becoming a favorite snack item among Filipinos. Take a look at all the 15 Pesos soft serve “Swirl-All-You-Can” businesses in the convenience stores. Soft serve has very low food cost. 15 Pesos will give you fantastic profit margin. The machine is very expensive, but you can propose leasing arrangements with suppliers of the mix or the equipment.

3. Fresh Fruit Stand

A sure sign that summer is around the corner is the abundance of fresh fruit stands. Filipinos are increasingly becoming health conscious and adding more fruits in their diet. Find a good supplier of popular fruits such as oranges, bananas, pineapples and coconuts then offer them at a much lower price compared to the commercial retailers.

4. Smoothies Stand

Why stop at fresh fruits? You can also offer smoothies. These are healthier options for those who want to drink their fruit. You can make these smoothies healthier by offering coconut milk, oatmeal, almond shavings, granola, avocado and protein powder as mixes or toppings.

5. Catering Business

Summer is also synonymous with get-togethers and backyard BBQ parties. Bring out the Bobby Flay in you and offer interesting recipes for steaks, chicken, hamburgers, sausages and pork chops in your menu. A catering business requires low capital and offers good margins. It’s a great way to develop your organizational skills.

6. Ice Candy

Who hasn’t had sweet memories of ice candy during the summer? Ice Candy is easy to make and offers good profit margin because it does not cost much to prepare them. All you need are good syrup mixes, purified water, and a reliable freezer. You can source the packaging material specific for ice candy from grocery stores, the public market or plastic suppliers.

7. Ice Making

Ice Making business is highly intuitive because you can never produce enough ice for the summer months. Demand is very high, and most freezers cannot maintain the right temperature consistently. All you need are several ice trays and purified water. You can buy a small chest freezer and pack it with several 5-pound bags of ice.

8. Water Refilling Station

Water Refilling Stations historically enjoy brisk business during the summer season because demand for drinking water is much higher. People are either staying home, exercising or driving to their vacation. They will always need a steady supply of drinkable water. You also have to keep in mind that water supply is also lower during the summer months.

9. Generator Rental Business

The Philippines relies on hydro-electric power, so low water supply in summer means more brown outs. A generator rental business would be a godsend for many businesses and homes that need the air-conditioning running at least 8 hours a day. You should buy or sub-contract a silent generator that runs on diesel and can support one air-conditioner, a few lights, a computer and the television.

10. Art School

Summer is the perfect time of the year to learn new skills and art is one of the most popular hobbies to pick up especially for kids. If you have had formal lessons or are a certified art instructor, this could be one of the best summer business ideas at home in the Philippines. You could offer basic instruction beginning with coloring. By offering different levels of art instruction, you could build a clientele that would patronize your business even after summer.

11. Music Instruction

Summer is the time the musicians in all of us give in to their calling; real or imagined. If you have the chops to teach guitar, piano and any other musical instrument including the human voice, summer is the best time of the year to help aspiring musicians achieve their dreams. Add more value to your offering by creating a small studio in your home where students can jam and record themselves.

12. Fitness Coaching

As the saying goes, “Sun’s out guns out.” Go to any gym in the summertime and every guy is training arms and abs and nothing else, especially legs. If you have the certification and experience, it’s time to put an end to this madness and show these trainees how to develop a worthy beach body. Personal Trainers pick up brisk business during the summer with trainees paying up to 1,000 per hour to develop a godlike physique in record time. Charge extra if they don’t want to train legs!

13. Cooking Classes

Another popular hobby during the summertime is cooking. People love to learn how to cook because it is a great way to bring family and friends together. If you have a specialty cuisine, offer different packages according to the degree of difficulty. For example, you can offer classes on 30-minute meals or fine dining quality food.

14. Jewelry Making

Jewelry – Making is a year round hobby but is especially popular during summer because people; particularly students have more time to spend on the craft. There are several nights and flea markets where you can offer your creations. You can even sell them online.

15. Dance Classes

Dance attracts boys and girls of all ages. It gives them an opportunity to hone their technique and pursue their dream. If you are well-versed in a number of styles especially the modern ones, you could set up a small studio in your home and offer a few classes every day.

16. Martial Arts Lessons

Martial art is a discipline that requires skill. And it takes consistent repetition to acquire that skill. Summer is the best time to learn martial arts because you have all the time in the world without having to worry about homework or exams. If you have a teaching certificate in martial arts, your calendar could be booked for the summer. Classes in Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jujitsu are very popular.

17. Internet Shop

Kids will be kids. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or school year. If they have smartphones or tablets. They will always venture to the Internet shop for a more awesome gaming experience. Expect more long-term users of your shop during summertime. PCs for gamers are quite expensive; 25,000 Pesos for a basic unit. It might be better to enter a lease-to-own arrangement with a supplier.

18. Virtual Assistance

Do you want to go back to school with a greater sense of accomplishment, responsibility and a fatter bank account? Then opt to be a Virtual Assistant this summer. This is one of the best summer business ideas at home because you can hone your skills while earning good pay. Filipino VA’s are highly in demand and first-timers can earn anywhere from 18,000 to 35,000 Pesos per month.

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19. Fashion Retailer

Summer is the time where people want to look cool. Shorts, cotton shirts and Cubavera shirts are especially popular during the summer. You can create your own or get volume discounts from wholesalers. Offer them at significantly lower prices compared to department stores and promote them heavily in social media. You could be out-of-stock in no time.

20. Sunglass Retailer

When it comes to summer, does anyone care if they are wearing branded sunglasses? People buy sunnies to protect their eyes. There are sunnies which offer good UV protection that won’t break the bank. You can get them at volume discounts from reputable suppliers. As long as they get the job done while getting people to look good, the price won’t matter. People will still buy sunnies.

21. Swimsuit Retailer

Summertime is when you break out the swimsuit. No, not the ones from last year. People want to show off the new styles at the beach. If you want to sell out and make money fast, sell the latest swimsuit styles. Find a good supplier of swimsuits, enter into an affiliate marketing arrangement with a supplier or have a relative ship a box of styles from the US.

22. Skin Care Retailer

Nothing says summer than a tan. But sun exposure for a prolonged period of time can lead to serious health consequences. Sell skin care products from home such as sun block, moisturizers, and hypoallergenic wash. You’ll have a steady clientele of buyers for at least two months.

23. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Swimming parties are very common during the summer. Kids visit their grandparents who still have that big swimming pool in the backyard. The pool has to be consistently cleaned and maintained. You have to make sure it has chlorine, and it is safe to bathe in. You can offer your services to nearby villages and sports clubs.

24. Landscaping

Summer is the best time to showcase the garden. The sun is almost, always out and the colorful and lush garden is a great way to frame the home. A landscaping job can net you around 20,000 Pesos per house or more depending on the extent of the work required by the homeowner. You will need 1 or 2 assistants and a large network of suppliers for grass, plants, flowers, stones and vases.

25. Pet Sitting

The entire family is going on vacation for one week. Who will take care of “Rufus” the dog and “Frisky” the cat? This is a common problem family faces before going on vacation. Pet sitting is an ideal business idea this summer because family vacations will be more frequent and not all destinations welcome pets. If you love animals and are certified to take care of them, this could generate good income for the summer.

26. Lifeguard

Sports clubs, resorts, and hotels are constantly on the lookout for people who can work as lifeguards for the summer. If you are a good swimmer and certified in First Aid, you could work full-time or part-time as a lifeguard. The job may not be as action-packed which is a good thing, but it is a great way to earn a decent income, share your skills and make new friends.

27. Swimming Instructor

Swimming is another popular sports people take up in the summer. After all, where’s the fun in going to the beach if you can’t swim, right? You can teach at your home if you have a pool, offer home-based instruction or teach at a swim academy. But you must present proof that you are a certified instructor.

28. Car Wash

Car Wash businesses are booming. Your neighborhood or the area around it probably has quite a few. People don’t have time to wash their cars. And in the summertime, cars can be covered by dust, grime and mud. This is a good summer business idea at home if you have a large garage. You will need to hire a few more washers. Offer a wider suite of services such as interior cleaning and vacuuming.

29. Laundry Business

I’ve seen a number of homes convert their garage into a Laundromat and business looks good. You can start out with 1 or 2 machines with one dryer. Offer self-service or managed services. Improve your value proposition by including ironing and folding services. If your area can accommodate it, you can sell snacks, drinks and have a coffee vending machine.

30. Tour Guide

Tourism in the Philippines is at its peak during the summer. If you are going back to your province and you are highly knowledgeable about its history, you can make a good income as a tourist guide. It is a tiring job; you have to keep walking and talking for 2 hours at a time. But you can make new friends from other countries and the experience will boost your confidence.

31. Garage Sale

Out with the old and in with the new. Having a garage sale is a fun and easy way to make money. All you need to do is conduct an inventory of everything that you no longer need and price them realistically. Depending on the items you sell, you can earn good money with a garage sale. Then you can buy new things which you can sell the following summer!

32. Surfing Instructor

Many people troop to the beaches and water parks for the summer. These destinations are always packed with things-to-do, and one of the fastest growing activities is surfing. This is a highly specialized skill, but there are surfing instructors who can simplify lessons like the alphabet. If you have the experience and enjoy teaching the sport to beginners, you could have a fun and rewarding business this summer.

33. Flower Shop

Flowers and roses look their best during summertime. There are also many events and activities that are scheduled during the summer months. You can set up a small flower shop in your backyard or front yard. It’s not just flowers that you should sell but also specialty plants. Try to get into a supply contract with an event organizer and offer your products to hotels and restaurants.

34. Photography

Lighting is the most important component for photography. That is why summer is the best time to launch a photography business. Just like the flower shop business, find an event organizer you can get into an arrangement with. Be ready to cut down your profit margins, but the volume of business will be worth it. During summer, weddings are in full swing. There are hardly any cancellations, and many are set outdoors.

35. Second Hand Books Sale

What will you do with the school books that you will no longer use? Why not sell them? Some people are looking for second-hand books to save up on buying brand new ones. Even if the books are not referenced for the subjects, these still provide value as additional sources of information. Want proof? Go any second bookstore. Most of the publications flying off the shelves are used school books.

36. Food Delivery

Summer is a time when friends have more time to hang out. And they don’t have to go to the beach for some food and drinks. Food delivery is always brisk during the summertime. Orders come in nighttime and daytime. Offer group meal packages and add drinks to your menu.

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37. DVD Rentals

On a hot summer day, what could be better than catching up on movies that you missed because you were so busy studying for your exams? While you’re at it, offer them for rent once you’re done watching them. Sure movies can be found on the Internet. But good quality DVD on a wide HD screen is hard to beat. Buy original DVD and rent it out for 50 Pesos per day. That’s good value considering people still fork out 200 Pesos for a movie ticket in a cinema where uncouth audience members can ruin the entire experience.

38. Food Stall Business

Food retail remains a popular business during the summer but ditches the usual rent-a-space in the mall approach. You will almost always lose money that way. Rent alone will eradicate your profits. Instead, rent a space for a food stall in a night or weekend market. The cost for space is affordable. The last person I spoke to mentioned 5,000 Pesos per day, but they easily sell out and cover the cost of rent. These markets are packed during summertime because people can stay out longer.

39. General Home Cleaning

Since the children are home most of the time during the summer, working parents will have the time to schedule general home cleaning services. You should have 2-3 people in your business to help with the cleaning. Be prepared to invest in industrial grade solutions and equipment. But the money is good. You can charge 35 Pesos per square meter. That will be competitive versus the average of 50 Pesos per square meter.

40. Furniture Upholstery Repair

Furniture repair is also prevalent in the summer because homeowners receive more guests and visitors. Instead of buying new furniture, they just repair the existing ones. Make sure you have qualified carpenters and a good supplier of upholstery material. Throw in furniture re-design services for greater value added.

41. Mobile Car Repair Service

Summertime is also notorious for car breakdown services because of all the traveling people make. But the high cost of car shops is driving more people to patronize home based services which produce great work at more affordable prices. You should have expert mechanics on your payroll and the latest in car repair technology.

42. Car Rental Business

Some people do not want to risk their expensive cars for an out-of-town excursion. They would rather rent a lower end car even if they have to pay a bit more. If you have a car that you can rent out, make sure it is in good, reliable condition. Some of these car rental shops charge 18,000 Pesos every three days.

43. House Sitting

For families that don’t have household help, making plans for a summer vacation isn’t easy because they don’t have anyone to watch over their house. It’s not enough to have security. You must have someone who can keep the house clean and occupied. If you have a spotless public record, strong sense of responsibility and have people who can vouch for your character, house-sitting could be a good business idea in the summer. Families will pay you on a daily basis and provide you with allowance for food and other expenses.

44. Party Entertainer

Can you sing, dance or perform magic tricks? With the expected abundance of parties in the summer, there will always be demand for an entertainer. You can monetize these talents, and perhaps your big break could be sitting in one of those events! You will need to network and promote your talent by distributing audio-video copies or tying up with an event organizer.

45. Appliance Repair Shop

Expect more appliances to break down this summer because of increased usage. Electric fans and refrigerators are usually the most common household appliances that are repaired or maintained. You will need certified technicians to help you fix various types of appliances.

46. Air-Conditioner Repair Service

Summer is expected to be particularly brutal this year. I don’t recall having many cool nights during the Christmas season. The air-conditioner will be a very important item in the household for sure. If you have experienced air-con technicians, you can offer your services to the nearby villages. Minimum service charge is 800 Pesos per air-conditioner.

47. Network Marketing

If you can find a reputable SEC registered company that offers network marketing opportunities, you should give it a try. The principle behind marketing is simple: Keep the network growing. Most of your time will be spent meeting and talking with people who want to earn their income. The other challenge here is to find a product or service that is still in its startup stages.

48. Cell Phone Loading Business

The margins in a cell phone loading business are low at 7%, but you can be assured of volume. More than 90% of mobile subscribers are pre-paid, and the number is expected to rise exponentially over the next few years. Business is sure to pick up during the summer time as people are regularly planning reunions and outings.

49. Clothes Alteration Services

With more people expected to hit the gym, you should the same people having their clothes altered for a better fit. Clothes Alteration provides consumers a better option to buying new clothes. You only need a small space in your home. It is important to have a talented cutter and a reliable source for spare materials.

50. Flip Flops Retailer

Another sure sign of summer is the abundance of flip-flops or sandals. It is a great way to keep cool especially when walking on the beach or in parks and outdoor recreational areas. It will be great if you have the talent to make your line of flip flops but having a steady supplier of a good brand will surely rake in a steady income.

51. Real Estate Agent

It is easier to sell properties in the summer because the weather is perfect for showing off houses at their best. If the house has a garden, the grass is more flush, and the colors of flowers are more vibrant. People buy homes during the summer to make moving in much more convenient. If you want to become a real estate agent for the summer, plan to prepare for your licensing exam beforehand.

52. Car Restoration Business.

Over the last ten months, cars have been subjected to scratches, dents, and bumps from our merciless traffic conditions. Now that school’s out, car owners will have time to have their cars restored to good as new. The margins are good with car restoration as this is highly-specialized. If you have the tools, technology, and workforce, car restoration would be a good summer business idea.

53. House Painting

Summer is the perfect weather for house painting. This could be a demanding job and clients will normally set deadlines according to their budget. Bring in a few friends to help you out. It will give them a good source of income. Make sure you know the basics about painting; from putting on the primer, correct technique and layering among others.

54. Hosting Sports Clinics

This is a good summer business idea if you are talented in different sports. Parents love to send their kids to summer sports clinics. You can teach basic skills and fundamentals at your home or neighborhood playground. Then organize short tournaments to test their skills. Come up with a package that comes with shirts and shorts to promote your sports clinic.

55. Bake Shop

For those who enjoy cooking, baking is one of the most relaxing activities. The sweet smells and pleasant scents in baking always take the stress out of meeting delivery or pick up schedules. Home-based bakeshops offer the advantage of pricing. You can hardly find cakes under 1,000 Pesos at the malls. Sell bread, pan de sal, cakes, and pastries. Offer delivery or pick up services.

Start a Business at Home this Summer

Everyone looks forward to summer because of vacation. But why should you be like everyone else? Instead of baring your abs at the beach, dare to be different and flex your entrepreneurial muscles this summer.

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Starting a summer business idea isn’t just about making money. It’s a fun and great way to gain experience, learn responsibility and develop valuable soft skills such as patience, resiliency, dedication and commitment.

You will be a better person because of it!

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