7 Home-Based Business Ideas without Spending Much Money


Starting a business has always been a dream of most Filipinos, mainly because it is a life-changing event. You will not only gain lots of benefits but also a good source of income once your business blooms.

However, there are risks on having a business, so make sure you are aware of them and prepare yourself when you’ve come to face those risks.

The most common reason why people can’t start a business is the lack of capital. However, what most people fail to understand is that in business, you can always find a way to setup things even with the slightest resources.

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You can start a business with small capital, but you will need the passion and knowledge to make the business succeed. Here are some business ideas that you can do in your home without spending much money. Please note that you may need some experience and manpower or team in the future to do these.

Home-Based Business Ideas without Spending Much Money

1. e-Commerce

People do different things, such as baking, creating different products, and painting. If you have any of these skills, then you should consider doing an e-commerce website and start a small business.

Basically, an e-commerce website is an online store where you can sell different things. It is a very effective type of business especially nowadays, when most people look online rather than go outside to find what they are looking for.

Recommended Tool: Shopify or BigCommerce

Building a web-based business is actually very easy, especially many websites offer free hosting features. Filipinos are fond of buying products online. Therefore, starting your business and selling your product online is ideal because less capital is needed.

2. Designing

Are you a person who loves doing arts or designing? Well, there are different definitions of designing but whatever they are, you can always use them to establish your business. Having a passion on designing can be a great asset for you. If you have the skill, then it would be better and easier.

We know that not all artists have the same idea when it comes to designing. Designing is a talent that one has to develop for many years. This makes your skill a good investment if you consider starting a designing business.

In addition, the service fee for designing doesn’t come cheap. Designers may do the work in an hour or even in a minute, but it took them years to master that skill. This is why their service deserves good pay especially if they have an exceptional talent.

3. Photography

This is a common business but is still feasible especially today when people are fond of photos of themselves and sceneries. Photography as a business also requires some skills and effort to make the business alive.

People who do this business are called photographers. A good photographer can make a model look better with each photo. Different services can be offered when you have a skill in photography.

Being a photographer doesn’t mean you will be depending only on one aspect of taking photographs. You also need to consider learning some other skills to make your photo look better.

If you have a camera and your passion is photography, then you can setup a small room in your house where you can do all the photography sessions.

4. Editing

Editing is also a valuable skill that a person can use to start a business. Let the people know what kind of editing services you offer since editing can come to many different ways and services.

The good thing about this business is that you can use it in partnership with different businesses in different industries. Best example of this is with photography. As mentioned earlier, a photograph does not solely depend on taking the photos. Some enhancements are needed to make the photo look better. This is when the partnership begins.

Another thing is that you don’t actually need anything except for a computer or laptop, editing software and the skills on editing.


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