2 Simple Business Tips for Students in the Philippines


I have always been a supporter of students who work while studying because doing so helps an individual to practice the art of balancing his or her affairs. I highly appreciate modern schools that add “financial knowledge” into their elementary and high school curriculum. The students learn can learn academic and practical knowledge simultaneously.

Learning can happen in two ways.

Learning is achieved both in inductive and in deductive ways. The inductive way involves your teachers’ lectures and the ready-made lessons, whereas the deductive learning mainly occurs in business. Business or entrepreneurship is not something bounded in any specific formula. It is mostly deductive because you have to deduce from what is in front of you.

I always say, if you have always been positively intuitive, do business.

If you are negatively intuitive, consider something else. Positive intuitive individuals always “predict” good results, and they only seldom fail in their predictions. Negative intuitive individuals are always right when they predict a disaster. I have observed that the most successful businesspersons weren’t the brightest in their class but the most emotionally sensitive with their own feelings and with the feelings and actions of others. It somehow helps them find what works and what doesn’t.

Intuition, scientifically speaking, is an accumulation of past learning and stimuli; hence, it appears that one can “predict” what comes next. Energetically speaking, intuition is something that comes “from above.” Either of these can be true. The most important thing is you can develop both your mind and senses when you combine the academic and experiential learning through your business. If you can juggle these two together at a young age, you will surely have a bright future because there can be no greater teacher than experience.

There is no greater skill than being a dynamic individual in this fast-paced environment. On the contrary, being a one-faceted individual can leave you in the past where progress does not thrive.

The following are my recommendations to students who are still studying but ready to embark into the world of business:

1. Start your own online store using free platforms

OLX is just one of the free platforms wherein you can sell your products or services in the open market. Note that this platform has thousands of visits every day. Having an active account here means opportunities that can easily be translated into money.

If you plan to transact offline, you do not need a bank account. However, I suggest that you open, at the very least, an ATM account. It won’t require you to have a maintaining balance, but it would enable you to receive payments.

  • BDO ATM CARD – It would enable you to receive and withdraw money.
  • UNION BANK EON CARD – It would enable you to receive and withdraw money with the added benefit of using this account with your PayPal account. PayPal is necessary if you have international clients. It is also useful if you offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. Union Bank Eon card costs only Php 350.

2. Identify what excites you the most and find a way to monetize it.

This is crucial. As said, a successful business is something that takes resilience and passion. If what you are doing does not excite you, you won’t pursue it when the road gets rocky.

  • Does blogging excite you?

Start your own BlogSpot, Tumblr, or Facebook page in which you can write what’s in your mind. If you are consistent enough, chances are you will be able to increase your presence, as well as your “market value.”

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  • Does buying and selling excite you?

You must be able to “go with the flow” to identify what sells. Is there a demand for ALDUB shirts these days? What about shirts having a print of Alden Richards’s portrait on it? Now may be the perfect time for someone who has interest in novelties to make 10 sample shirts and sell it through OLX.com.ph.

Shirt printing of good quality will cost you around Php 90 to Php 100 or even lower, and you can sell it at around Php 300. How about approaching the fan clubs of famous artists and offer personalized novelty items for them and their “idols?” Isn’t that good for someone who is just doing it for a hobby?

I used to sell goldfish, notebooks with faces of celebrities on the cover, and Mongol pencils when I was in my elementary days!

  • Are you a computer expert?

If you are, then it’s a perfect time to utilize your SEO skills. You can be an online advertiser! All you need is your knowledge on how to effectively optimize words through search engines! This is one of the most lucrative businesses in the digital world. If you are not an expert on this, why not create a parody account on Twitter or Facebook that provides humor to followers?

If you are lucky enough to get over 500,000 active followers like “Senyora Santibanez @Senyora,” then, congratulations! You are now an “influencer.” Advertisers will soon contact you to promote their products at a good pay!

  • Are you brainy and you don’t mind having your creations copyrighted by others in exchange of a reasonable fee?

Do ghostwriting! Go send your favorite author a sample of your work with a clear intention addressed to him/her indicating that you want to be a student trainee. You can also offer thesis consultancy and co-writing to students. Interestingly, many financially able students are willing to pay hefty amounts of money in order to have someone help them survive their research projects.

Remember, you’re not doing everything for them, you are helping them. With regard to the nature of a consultancy business, you may have them “ohmp!!!” for giving solution to others’ problems. It can be a great start for your formal consultancy business.

There are so many things I would want to share with you in order for you to easily “monetize” whatever you can translate into income! I am sure, however, that the things I’ve shared with you have given you ideas to “start.” Remember, just start. Just do it!

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You’ll know it when you get it there, along the way, the teachers are waiting. Remember that even the biggest names out there just “started it small.” Never underestimate the power of your dreams. You just have to START.

Remember to send me a message if you have any question or if you need an objective opinion regarding your plans! My lines are open for you.

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