6 Home Upgrades Worth Spending Your 13th Month Pay On


Every time the “ber” months roll around, most working professionals have two things in mind: Christmas and the much-awaited 13th-month pay. During these months, you’re probably starting to narrow down your options for spending your extra cash. While it’s fine to use your 13th-month pay for shopping sprees and out-of-town trips, you can be savvy and use your funds to revamp your living space. Upgrades such as minor renovations and new appliances can vastly improve the quality of your life, with the added benefit of transforming the look and feel of your home.

Are you planning to make a few changes to your space any time soon? Here are some home upgrade ideas that are worth every cent of your hard-earned money.

Best Home Upgrade Ideas After Receiving Your 13th Month Pay

1. Laundry Room

If you live in a city apartment, you probably don’t have enough outdoor space to hang your clothes to dry. And for most city dwellers, dragging piles of dirty clothes to the nearest laundromat every weekend can be a gruelling task. With that in mind, you may want to set up a room with enough space for appliances to help you get your laundry done while catching up on rest at home.

Still, it’s a good idea to invest in laundry room essentials regardless of how much outdoor space you have. You may want to buy a washing machine and dryer hybrid if you prefer appliances that don’t take up much space but still get your clothes clean and dry. These appliances are quite beneficial during the rainy season, as you’ll never have to worry about long drying times or musty smells.

Apart from buying a washer and a dryer, you can transform your laundry area by placing shelves and storage cabinets to keep the whole space neat. Space-saving organizers can also be useful if you need to keep chemicals like detergents and fabric conditioners out of your children’s reach.

2. Long-Lasting Appliances

Appliances that stand the test of time are a welcome addition to any working adult’s life. Fully functional home items eliminate the frustration of laborious tasks, allowing you to get enough rest and focus on the activities that fulfil you the most. For one, you can upgrade your kitchen by investing in appliances like dishwashers that make cleanup a lot quicker. You can also purchase appliances that make cooking at home more convenient, so you don’t have to rely on takeout. For starters, you can check out your options for a new oven, an induction cooker, or a bigger refrigerator that can store more ingredients.

Furthermore, you may want to invest in a high-quality air conditioner to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Besides saving your interiors from the unforgiving tropical heat, aircon can also have filtration features that capture airborne contaminants and allergens such as dust and mould.

When vetting your options for home appliances, it’s best to choose models with high energy efficiency ratings to help you save on electricity and minimize your energy expenses in the long run.

3. Bedroom Revamp

Bedrooms serve as one of your home’s most private spaces. If tastefully put together, your bedroom can positively influence your mood and improve your mental health and wellness. After all, there’s nothing like waking up and coming home to clean and comfy sheets, soft pillows, and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Among the various bedroom elements, the mattress should be among your top priorities. Generally speaking, a good mattress should be neither too soft nor too firm to adequately support your body. Aside from getting a better mattress, you can shop around for paint in warm and relaxing hues to brighten up your walls. Moreover, you can invest in home decor or a few houseplants to add some greenery to your space and create a more relaxing ambiance.

4. Home Office Upgrades

A prolonged period of working from home has probably given you a new appreciation for having a reliable workstation. If you’re a remote worker, you need to pay extra attention to your work area since it makes up a vital part of your living space. As such, you may want to update your home office with a sturdy desk, a functional lamp, and organizers for keeping frequently-used items such as pens and eyeglasses. You could also invest in a high-quality ergonomic or gaming chair designed to support your whole frame when you need to work for hours at your desk.

5. Well-Placed Garden Area

Placing a dedicated garden area in your home is an inexpensive way to improve the atmosphere of your space. On top of that, gardening can also serve as a hobby you can pursue if you want to de-stress after a long day at work. If you already have enough outdoor space, you can set up an area where you can grow plants, flowers, herbs, and possibly even vegetables and fruits. To start your garden, you can acquire initial items such as gardening soil, fertilizer, and a set of tools including shovels, trowels, and rakes. You can also buy decorative stones and fences if you want to spruce up the look of your garden.

If you live in an apartment and don’t have an outdoor space, you can set up a vertical garden in a dedicated nook by a window instead. Even just a couple of potted plants set on a shelf can instantly improve the ambiance of your home.

6. Home Security Systems

Whether you live alone or with your family, it’s a wise move to invest in technology that can help you protect your home. That said, you should also consider purchasing security systems that allow you to stay in control of your property wherever you are. Consider investing in technologies such as CCTV systems, door alarms, smart doorbells, and smoke detectors that can put your mind at ease 24/7.

Investments Worth Working For

Spending a slice of your salary for home-related needs is a normal part of your adulting journey. The upgrades mentioned on this list have a high return on investment, but these are only some of the changes you can make in your home. Depending on your lifestyle and salary, you may want to consider other upgrades, such as bathroom retiling or buying a new couch. However you choose to spend your 13th month’s pay, the important thing is that these expenses bring the most long-term value to your overall well-being.

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