A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Building Assets

It might seem too early to think about building your assets when you’re only starting out in your career and still exploring what life has to offer. Time, however, is a very important component of growing your wealth. Choosing to invest early will enable you to learn about making right and wrong financial decisions at

5 Ways Filipino Small Businesses Can Cope with Rising Inflation

It’s an undeniable fact that skyrocketing inflation has been a topic of concern for Filipino business owners as of late. With the Philippines’ inflation rate reaching a record high of 6.9 percent in September 2022, business owners are generally unwavering in their attempts to stabilize their income and keep their ventures afloat. Amid inflationary pressures,

6 Home Upgrades Worth Spending Your 13th Month Pay On

Every time the “ber” months roll around, most working professionals have two things in mind: Christmas and the much-awaited 13th-month pay. During these months, you’re probably starting to narrow down your options for spending your extra cash. While it’s fine to use your 13th-month pay for shopping sprees and out-of-town trips, you can be savvy

What is Cloud ERP and How Can It Benefit Your Company

When it comes to the difficult and hyper-competitive world of business, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. No truer thing can be said for today’s business landscape, which has quickly evolved to meet consumer demands in light of the digital revolution and crises like the COVID-19 global pandemic. Businesses now see the value of

8 Things Foreign Investors Can Expect When Locating in a Top Philippine Industrial Park

All over Asia, industrial parks have become a preferred place for international businesses to set up shop. These parks are usually located in countries with a comparative cost advantage in labor and logistics. In the Philippines, there are hundreds of industrial parks, about 400 of which are designated as special economic zones (SEZs) under the administration of