Top 10 Street Food Business Ideas in the Philippines

There is popular saying that you can learn about a country’s culture by eating its food. While street food may not be entirely representative of Philippine culture, it does give you insights on how Filipinos value their resources. The best street food ideas in the Philippines are simple creations but are rich in history and

20 Best Small Business Ideas for Teens in the Philippines

When children become teenagers, they start thinking of financial independence. Of course, they would still like to live with mom and dad but they plan to mooch off them less! Saving up on their allowance won’t cut it. The best way is to earn money, but their age would disqualify them from most work. The

15 Best Home-Based Business Ideas for Moms in the Philippines

Interested to learn the best home-based business ideas for moms in the Philippines? According to, mothers spend an average of 95 hours per week working at home. Based on the website’s calculator, the average pay for a stay-at-home mom should be $112,962! I’m lucky my wife holds down a regular job because I cannot