8 Ways to Never Lose Profit Again for Your Business


Losing profit in a business can be the worst nightmare for any entrepreneurs. A business should typically have a profit to keep the business running. However, a big problem ensues once a business loses profit.

Profit loss can be caused by different reasons. But whatever these reasons are, you should be aware of them and respond accordingly to prevent further damage. Gaining profit is typically the main goal of any business because profit keeps the business running, unless other companies are willing to spend money for you.

Here are some ways that you can do to prevent losing profit for your business:

1. Hire the Best Employee

We can’t deny that employees are essential for any business. If you really want to make your business successful and if you don’t want to lose profit, then you should start searching and looking for the best employees who are appropriate for your business.

In the Philippines, some companies hire an applicant only because he/she is a friend or relative of a current employee, even if this applicant does not possess the requirements for the job. This practice should be avoided because doing so can put you into trouble in the long run. Hire applicants who you know can help you in your business and avoid those applicants who want the job only for the salary or position.

If you can’t facilitate the hiring process, find for a good human resource manager to do this task. But as much as possible, conduct the final applicant assessment yourself.

2. Fire Someone if Needed

Employees may hold one of the keys to success, but they may also be the one to break it. This situation may be due to different reasons, but you need to do something about it if it happens.

Some employees may not be happy on their job simply because the job is not their passion. As I’ve mentioned earlier, some applicants accept the job only because of the money involved. Those employees who don’t see the vision or love what they are doing are those who usually don’t care about the job, which is unhealthy for the business.

It might be difficult, but firing someone who doesn’t help or doesn’t care about your business may be necessary for the survival of the company and of other employees who do their part. Reluctant employees can be your problem in the long run and may cause the failure of your company. So be sure to spend your time looking for the deserving employee.

3. Take Good Care of Your Employees

Taking good care of your employees is considerably difficult. Keeping them satisfied is easy to say but difficult to do. As a business owner, you should value the important things that you have in the business (aside from money), namely, employees.

Taking care of your employees needs a hard work and some effort. So if you are a busy person, more likely, you have a very little time to do this. A good owner always takes good care of the people who helped the company—employees. This is usually ignored by most owners that is why some of their best employees leave the company, which is obviously a terrible situation.

Despite the size or amount of their contribution, always take good care of the employees because small things are always part of something big. By doing so, you build your own reputation to your employee and gain trust from them. Moreover, employees tend to become loyal with the company if they have a good relationship with one another at work.

4. Care for Your Consumers

As much as you value your employee, you should also value your consumers. It is not required that you entertain the consumer personally, and most business owners let their employees do this for them.

Therefore, you should educate your employee on how important it is to treat each customer right. Most employees know the value of customers but they don’t know how to actually care about them. However, we may not be applying the quote that says, “a customer is always right” because there are times when they are right but there are also times when they are not. Customers tend to argue when something is not clear for them. To prevent this scenario, business representatives should keep customers informed.

Taking care of your customer can prevent disasters for your business. Always remember that anything that happens may spread like wildfire because word-of-mouth marketing do exists. Therefore, you should always do your best to obtain good reputation for your business.

5. Use the Power of the Internet

Internet is now one of the best “venues” for business since most people spend time online, unlike the older days when people need to go out and look for what they need. Today, more and more businesses choose to go online to have the maximum exposure for their business.

The term Internet can have a broad meaning. Moreover, you can do many things with the Internet. At present, many businesses do their marketing with it. The common venue for online marketing today is social media. The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Different sites can be used so you can reach many people who can be potential customers.

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Blogs are another venue for online marketing. These are very popular especially to big businesses. Blogs contain articles regarding the business or its industry. A blog can attract lots of reader and can give branding to the business.

6. Build Your Brand

A brand is a name of something you do, give, or sell. This is also something that reminds people about your business. The best example is Coca-Cola Inc. When people hear this company name, what comes to their mind is “soft drinks.”

Building your brand is one of the best ways to attract customers. In addition, you should know what you can do or offer for the customers.

There are different ways on how companies do their branding, but be sure that you do the right process. You need a lot of effort and patience for this because branding is not an easy thing to do. In this process, you are creating the image of your business to your consumers. It would take some time, and it can even last for more than a year before a brand becomes well known.

The idea of branding is one of the most effective ways to create loyal consumers and to gain trust from them. It surely takes some time but when you already established your brand, then more likely, you are in the path of success.

7. Be Optimistic

Being optimistic can sometimes be difficult when it comes to business because you will experience different problems along the way. But everything that happens is part of a bigger picture. Keep in mind that there’s no successful business that didn’t experience hardship.

You can’t avoid problems in life, so you need to accept every challenge and use your experience to correct your mistakes. Same as in business, every mistake that you make is an experience that you earn. You can either sit at the corner and cry or use that experience to improve your business.

Don’t look everything in a negative way. Instead, remember and realize why things turned out that way. By doing so, you may prevent it from happening again.

8. Ask for Help if Needed

Socializing with other business owners and building relationship with them are helpful if you are a business owner yourself. If the time comes, they may help you or you may help them. Business relationship is important to have increased chance of success.

You can’t avoid difficult problems, so having an experienced colleague to warn you is advantageous. Don’t be full of yourself and solve the problem alone. You may fail in the end. Always seek some help from people you know who can help. There’s nothing wrong with that.

There are business owners who have high pride and tend to solve problems alone even though they have someone who can help them. Solving problems alone may be good in some aspects, but it may have some risks as well. Remember that once a business falls down, rising again may be difficult. But if you do, it may take a lot of time. So if you need help, look for someone you can trust.

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