How to Become an Uber Partner Driver in the Philippines


Rising oil prices and worsening traffic conditions have made it difficult for many Filipinos to enjoy the convenience of owning a car. Given the increasing cost of maintaining a car plus the frustrations that come with driving in the city, public transportation might seem to be the better option. And as a depreciating asset, your car loses value every year. Fortunately, if you become an Uber partner driver in the Philippines, you can turn your car into an income generating machine!

Uber is a company headquartered in San Francisco, the USA that develops and markets transportation apps. They’ve been a pioneer of the sharing economy which supports transactions done on the online market.

Uber has become increasingly popular in the Philippines. Ask anyone who has used the service, and they will tell you the company is a godsend. It has made hailing a taxi a thing of the past. With Uber, you don’t have to wait in line for a taxi. Passengers are also spared the hassle of dealing with drivers who are choosy with their clients or engage in fraudulent activity.

That is because to become Uber partner driver; you have to be qualified by the principal company. Your vehicle must also comply with company mandated requirements. As far as passenger payments go, Uber processes everything; deducting its fees which range from 5% to 20% and deposits the balance to the partner driver’s account.

If you want to earn extra income or have a full-time job that can grow into a financially rewarding career, consider becoming an Uber partner driver in the Philippines!

Requirements to Become an Uber Driver

Uber gives you the means to turn the Philippines’ horrendous traffic situation into a money-making opportunity. More and more people prefer taking a cab, especially within the city. It’s very convenient because they don’t have to worry about parking and when there’s traffic, they can just relax inside the car.

You don’t have to own a vehicle to be part of Uber’s program. If you just want to drive, Uber will match you with other partners around your area who have vehicles you can use.

If you prefer to drive but do not plan on participating in the partner driver program, you have to present a valid driver’s license. Uber will accept the temporary paper form of your driver’s license in case the official ID is not yet available. But you should include a second form of identification that carries your latest picture.

If you want to participate in the partner driver program, you must present the following:

  • Vehicle’s Proof of Official Registration (OR)
  • Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration (CR)

Uber sets an age limit on its vehicles. It should be no more than three years old. In case the OR/CR is not available, Uber will accept a sales invoice, but the accommodation will only be for 135 days.

Once you have everything ready, the next step is to go online, sign up for the program and upload your documents.

Advantages of Bring a Uber Partner Driver in the Philippines

Uber goes out of its way to give its partner drivers plenty of opportunities to make money. One of its most successful campaigns is to incentivize interested partners to sign up through a generous reward system whereby you can earn up to 16,000 Pesos in your first 14 days.

In addition to the potential for earning a good income from the business, Uber also provides special benefits for its partner drivers in the Philippines:

  • Get discounts every time you fill up your car with gas or diesel products. This will be a welcome benefit when fuel prices start to go up! Uber can slash your gas purchases by 2 Pesos per liter and diesel purchases by 1 Peso per liter.
  • Enjoy 20% discount on an LTE-enabled smartphone and receive a complimentary SIM card with free 400MB mobile data every month.
  • Free Uber organizer on specified months of the year.

Uber also has a referral system in place. As a partner, you will receive a personal invite code which you can share with your friends and associates who want to avail of the service either as a rider or driver.

You begin to reap the rewards of the referral system when:

  • Your invite code gets entered by new riders before requesting the service.
  • Your invite code gets entered by drivers who have just signed up and then comply with specified conditions.

Once your referrals have completed 30 trips using your personal invite code, you get paid 3,000 Pesos!


Uber Makes it Easy to Manage Your Business

Uber puts you in the driver’s seat of your own business. You are in control of when you want to go and how you want to grow.

The app is always online. When you’re ready to hit the road and seize another day to earn good money, just open the app and tap Go Online. Once you receive trip requests from riders within your area, your phone will start to beep, and the screen will light up. Then all you have to do is tap the screen to accept.

The app will give you directions on how to get to the rider’s location. Uber will keep the rider updated on your whereabouts. To make sure you maximize your travel time, the app will update you of other trip requests as you approach the rider’s destination. You can also find rider hotspots from the app. Hotspots are areas where more people may need the service.

To ensure a great experience and the reputation of Uber, riders and drivers will be allowed to rate each other. This 2-way rating system gives both parties the platform to protect their interest and maintain the integrity of the Uber service.

After every trip, you can check your earnings from the app. The money you made will be transferred to your bank account every week.

An old saying in business goes, “Within chaos lies opportunity.” And what can be more chaotic than traffic in the Philippines? If you want to turn a hopeless situation into a money-making business venture, sign up and become a partner driver for Uber. The public will thank you for it!

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