33 Best Online Business Ideas in the Philippines 2016


If 2015 was not eventful for you, 2016 could be your year. The growing popularity of the Internet as an avenue for business and commerce will continue to open new doors of opportunities for every fresh idea or concept.

With the total number of smartphones expected to hit five billion in 2017, the demand for online businesses in the next three to five years will increase.

Best Online Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2016

1. Personal Shopping Website

As a notoriously late Christmas shopper, I had to go through harsh traffic, terrible parking conditions, and long lines at the cashier. What would be more convenient than having a personal shopper to do the shopping for me?

A personal shopping website can do all the shopping for you. In addition to the convenience, online retailers have the advantage of getting you good deals because they go directly to the authorized distributors of manufacturers.

If you have a specific request from a retailer, the personal shopper can attend to this request, and the product will be delivered to your doorstep when you want it. The website may have a video option so that you can meet with the designated shopper for an extra personal touch!

2. Gift Boxes

One of the growing online business enterprises in the United States and Australia is gift boxes.

The contents of these packages are conceptualized according to specific themes, and they are wrapped like gifts. The largest market for gift box retailers is children. Among the interesting concepts are toys that stimulate the intellect, board games, puzzles, books, action figures, and dolls.

Customers pay a monthly subscription fee, and the gift boxes are delivered to their doorsteps every month. It’s like Christmas 12 months of the year!

3. Website Design

If you want to put up an online business, then you need a website!

Free downloadable templates are available online. However, a website is the bread and butter of your business. This investment can pay the dividends for your enterprise. Investing on a website by hiring a professional website designer is a good idea.

As a website designer, you can include programming, search engine optimization (SEO), social media consultation, and of course, maintenance services in your package.

4. Blogging

Which inbound marketing strategy has influenced 61% of consumer purchasing decisions? The answer is blogging!

The statistics that validate the power of blogging are overwhelming. It is no surprise that blogging is the center of all content marketing processes. Moreover, the best news about blogging is that ANYONE can do it! All it takes is practice and constant work.

You do not have to be an English major to write a blog. Sure, you should have a good command of the English language, but the most important aspect of blogging is the ability to connect with your audience. You have to write from your heart and not from your mind.

According to a study by Kapost, only 32% of online marketers feel that they are producing enough content. This is because they do not have the time, skill, or workforce to create content. Translation: there is a HUGE market for bloggers!

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5. Virtual Assistant

Since Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer integrated virtual assistants or telecommuters into their workforce in 2011, several US companies have followed suit. In 2014, 30%–45% of the US workforce composed of virtual assistants.

A huge demand for virtual assistants exists because they increase productivity, decrease turnover rate, and improve attrition rate. The Philippines is one of the world leaders in providing virtual assistance. In Elance alone, one-eighth of the community’s eight million freelancers are Filipinos!

If you are organized, proficient in navigating the Internet and in managing project management software, and competent in spreadsheets and word processors and if you have good communication skills, you can build a lucrative career as a virtual assistant.

6. Business Consulting

Do you have an experience in building businesses? Does your work history cover various industries? Can you work with people? Are you a solution-oriented person?

If so, a career in consultancy may be your calling! Of all the registered businesses, 98% are small businesses. These enterprises are defined by having limited capital and lack of experience.

In five years, less than 50% will be operational. If you have the expertise, you can help these small businesses grow into major contributors to the economy.

7. SEO Professional

What good is having a website if it can’t be found? To avoid this problem, hire an SEO professional!

SEO is instrumental in promoting your website in the organic search rankings of a SERP or search engine results page. Not many website owners understand what SEO involves and how it can help their business.

SEO is one of the four pillars of online marketing along with social media, content marketing, and blogging. With close to a billion websites operating in the world, a market for SEO services always exists.

8. Health and Wellness Coach

Digital technology may have fast-tracked and simplified a person’s work, which also meant having the means to do more things in a short period. The result—more stressed-out people!

Stress leads to several precarious health conditions, such as a migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes, which may lead to stroke and heart attack. This phenomenon is not localized but global in scope.

If you are trained in fitness and have knowledge in wellness programs, such as yoga and Pilates, you can easily find clients who are more than willing to avail your services.

9. Social Media Consultant

Did you know that Facebook is more than just for posting an image of the cupcake you had for lunch? You can grow your business through social media.

However, having a Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account will not automatically qualify you as a social media expert. You need experience, an all-encompassing knowledge of social media, and a strategic mind to be a social media consultant.

If you have an experience in using social media to build businesses, then this career may be the one for you. Not many companies have social media consultants onboard. For the most part, the tasks of social media consultants are done in-house, and the results are underwhelming!

10. Resume Writing

Given that graduation is only a few months away, many bright-eyed degree holders will enter the labor market. Unfortunately, a course in resume writing is not required in college.

Resume writing is a key component in getting hired. It requires both purpose and strategy as well as a keen eye for detail. According to a study by TheLadders, recruiters spend only six seconds in scanning your resume. Therefore, those six seconds should make a difference!

In addition to resume writing, you should include cover letter composition.

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11. E-Book Writer

One of the best ways to generate leads for a website is to have an e-book. However, only a few have the time or the skills to make one.

Many companies around the world look for good e-book writers. On average, an e-book covers 4,000 words. An experienced writer can finish an e-book in one or two days.

The demand can be high, such that you may find yourself writing as many as 20 e-books per month! You can easily find work in freelancing platforms, such as Elance, freelance.com, and guru.com.

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12. IT Support

We belong to the world that’s grown dependent on technology. We simply cannot function without our PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

As great as technology is, it is manmade; thus, it is subject to technological flaws as well as wear and tear. An online business providing remote testing and repair plus onsite visits will have no problem in landing clients!

13. Virtual “Ukay Ukay”

Where else in the world but the Philippines can a market for secondhand clothes exist and thrive?

You no longer need to drive for several hours to Baguio or dare the traffic in EDSA to find basement bargain treasures. A virtual “ukay ukay” is a manna from heaven for thrift seekers!

Create a virtual store window with zoom features, and then have all purchases delivered within 24 to 48 hours depending on destination. You’ll be surprised that you may even get celebrities as clients!

14. Handicraft Retailer

The Philippines is known for its world-class handicrafts. Many indigenous regions are widely renowned for hand-crafted, customized furniture and décor.

In addition to the local market, you will find prospective buyers overseas. All you need is to establish supply / consign agreements with manufacturers, secure an import/export license, and establish various instruments for payment and shipping.

15. Food Delivery

If there is one business that has stood the test of time, it would be food business. The advantage of establishing an online food delivery business is that you can keep your expenses to a minimum; thus, a good profit margin can be maintained.

The most important components of a successful food delivery business include the food itself and service. The food must offer great value in quality, quantity, and price. About service, you must guarantee that the order will be delivered in 30 minutes or less.

All you need is a kitchen and an assistant. If you do not have the funds to maintain a rider, contract a delivery service, such as 2GO.

16. Tutorial Agency

Parents are always on the lookout for a good, reliable tutorial agency because they understand that in today’s globally competitive environment, you need every advantage you can get.

Over the years, we’ve seen franchises, such as Kumon and E-nopi, now known as Eye Level Learning Center, make inroads in the tutorial industry. If you have the training, teaching certifications, and the right disposition, why not start your tutorial service?

This service has become increasingly popular in Australia, where you have HSCHub and MarkItUp! provide tutorial and review services to various students, particularly those beginning grade 10.

17. Personal Chef

This entry is different from “Food Delivery” concept in that it caters to specialized or customized meals.

Your market here will most likely be composed of high-income earners who have a discriminating taste or those who are health conscious. Thus, pricing and the ensuing profit margins are high!

If you are not a chef, hire one or have a roster available on call. A chef can help you design a menu and teach you how to source the best ingredients.

18. English Instructor

I met many people who quit their day jobs to work from home as an English instructor. They told me that the pay from their current job is better than that as an office worker, that is, Php 25,000 to Php 35,000 per month. Given that the expenses are fewer than those when they work from an office, they can save much.

Your main clients would be from South Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Make sure that you have a good Internet connection that is, a minimum bandwidth of 3 MB. You should also invest in a good headset and video camera.

Similar to any teaching job, it requires patience and the right disposition. I suggest that you take a few advanced English courses first to shore up your proficiency levels and qualifications.

19. Outsourcing Campaigns

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines continues to grow at an average of 20% per year. In 2016, it is expected to bring in US$ 25 billion to the economy.

Outsourcing works because it streamlines costs without compromising productivity. Despite its effectiveness and unprecedented growth rate, not many businesses know how to outsource.

If you have an experience in the outsourcing industry and an impressive network, you can make great money by connecting clients and service providers.

You have to be aware that many scammers proliferate in the industry because of the lucrative nature of the business. Make sure that you conduct strict due diligence and cover all communication and decisions with agreements and contracts.

20. Investment Analyst

Keeping money in a bank does not embody smart money management. The interest that you will receive is barely above the level of inflation, while banks earn much money by lending your funds to borrowers.

Therefore, people look for other placements. One such investment is the stock market, which people have heard of but don’t know much about. If you’re a licensed trader and trained in both technical and fundamental analyses and you’ve spent time trading in equities, being an investment analyst may be fit for you to do.

You can present both technical and fundamental analyses, stock market tips, and recommendations. Then, have a news ticker tape on current market developments.

21. Software App Development

People always look for ways to make life easy. Therefore, there will always be a market for a software application.

Software app development can be a very lucrative business. If a major technology or media company likes your idea, you can go from zero to a million in a few years.

22. Video-Producing Services

Another great way to deliver content is through videos. However, similar to blogging, not many people have the skills and time to produce great videos.

You can offer on your website a video editing service. You may also present various designs and concepts for prospective clients to consider.

23. Translation Services

Have you noticed how hilarious Facebook’s translation facility is? For a multibillion company and a website that is patronized by one-third of the Internet’s population every single day, you’d expect Facebook to have accurate translation services.

However, accuracy is the problem with a translation software. In particular, the human touch is necessary for an accurate translation.

Establishing a business in online translation service is easy. All you need is a secure file sharing protocol, a team of high-level translators, and a wide menu of languages. This service is considered highly specialized; thus, you can charge high rates.

24. Crisis Management Services

Depression is a condition that affects everyone. It does not discriminate its victims regardless of age, socioeconomic status, or nationality.

Sometimes, friends and family can be enablers because they are concerned for you. However, people who suffer from depression simply need someone who will listen and tell them as it is.

If you are a good listener with a wealth of experience in different facets of life, this can be an honorable undertaking. All you need is a good Internet connection and a reliable headset. Offering chat services may also help become some may be more comfortable to write than to speak.

25. Specialized Sports Training

Dave Tate, CEO of EliteFS, turned his passion for powerlifting into a widely successful online business. EliteFS provides highly diverse, specialized sports training programs. These programs aren’t those used by Charles Atlas in the 1970s!

Sports training is different today compared with that 30 years ago. If you’re one of the competitive, multititled athletes who regularly update themselves in the latest training methodologies, this online business is for you.

Get some of the reputable fitness personalities to blog on your page. Offer subscriptions to training programs. Sell customized personal training services and distribute fitness merchandise.

26. Transcription Services

Many industries, such as medical/healthcare, legal, and broadcasting, need transcription services. Transcription intends to provide accurate record keeping of audio statements by transposing them to text format.

Similar to those for translation services, the requirements for transcription services include a secure FTP site and accurate transcribers. Hire trans-editors instead of transcribers because the former are more experienced than the latter; they edit as they transcribe.

Accuracy is highly important, particularly for doctors and lawyers. Mistakes can be very costly. For the transcription services in the medical field, a good, well-encrypted CRM program may be necessary.

27. Customer Support Services

Building business is no longer simply about creating markets. Retaining markets are equally important. This is where effective customer support services come in.

However, most businesses do not have the experience or expertise to render an effective customer service. You need to have good communication skills, the ability to relate with customers, and a talent for organization. Most of all, you must endeavor to resolve issues within an acceptable turnaround time.

You can set up a customer service framework for clients that include inbound calls, e-mail support, chat services, and outbound calls for conducting surveys and generating feedback.

28. Inbound Marketing Consultant

Many businesses have websites and social media accounts, but they do not know how to make these platforms work together and how to monetize their digital presence.

These tasks are performed by an inbound marketer. If you have an experience with SEO, blogging, and social media, you can potentially help businesses build inbound traffic to their website.

The Philippines has a growing market for inbound marketing skills, which is evidenced by the number of businesses that still invest heavily in traditional marketing strategies. These strategies are expensive, and they produce very little results that are difficult to measure.

29. Music Instructor

In my younger years, I learned how to play the guitar by taking up formal instruction for 12 sessions. After the 12 sessions, I could not transition from the open “A” chord to the open “E” chord.

Today, you can learn how to play any instrument by watching YouTube videos and subscribing to instructional websites. If you’ve been watching the hit show American Idol for the last four years, you may have noticed that many contestants play the acoustic guitar.

If you are like Eddie Van Halen who have the chops to shred the fretboard of an electric guitar or like John Mayer who can create colorful chords and voicings from an acoustic guitar, then why not translate your talent into an instructional website?

You can provide tablature explanation videos, have people pay for transcriptions of songs on special request or online classes, and make record recommendations.

30. Food and Entertainment Guide

Many restaurants have been opening in the metropolis. The problem is that no one knows where to eat.

Are you planning to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but you’re not sure if Ben Affleck can pull off the caped crusader?

There is a large market of people who scour the Internet for information on the best restaurants and good movies. If you love both, offer your service online as a food and entertainment guide.

Create a food review on various restaurants and pull no punches. Readers respect honest reviews. When doing a movie review, the only thing to remember is not to print spoilers!

31. Supplement and Vitamin Distributor

The supplement and vitamin market has come a long way since the time of Liquid Aminos and vitamin C.

Now there is a huge variety of supplements and vitamins to meet everyone’s needs. Whether they know the consequences or not, the supplement and vitamin industry continues to be a billion dollar industry.

Supplement and Vitamin companies always look for distributors for their products worldwide. If you are well educated and experienced in the use of supplements and vitamins, you can be a successful online distributor of several brands.

32. Sports Analyst

Every social network community has them, and they are active in the discussions in online threads. Yes, I am referring to online sports analysts!

The world is passionate about sports heroes, and everyone has an opinion on an athlete, a team, or an event. Look back to the posts about sports from the history section of a social media page.

If you have a high success rate calling the winners on a UFC fight card, NBA, NFL, MLB, professional boxing, and other spectator sports, you may quickly build a huge following on your website.

Who knows? You may even have some of the sportscasters from ESPN, FOX, or CBS to be among your followers. This could be the start of a new career!

33. Event Organizer / Party Planner

To be an event organizer or a party planner is a good career move because you are always assured of monthly activities.

Every month, occasions of different kinds are celebrated. Weddings are held every month. If there is dry season, clients plan for their event over the next few months.

You can highlight your value proposition and promote your services effectively by taking your event organizing business online. Show your various motifs, options, and package offerings.

Present your menu of services, and impress your client with your network of suppliers. Create a blog page to inform people about the benefits of hiring an event organizer to support your calls to action.

Remember: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

These are only 33 best online business ideas that will do well in 2016. I’m sure that many others were not covered by this article.

If you have an idea for an online business, remember to do your research first. Once you have the facts and figures, ask yourself if you can commit yourself to this venture.

If you don’t pursue your idea, there is a great possibility someone else will. So don’t be afraid to pursue your business. The only one who can stop you from fulfilling your dreams is YOU!

* * *

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