33 Best Online Business Ideas in the Philippines 2016


If 2015 was not eventful for you, 2016 could be your year. The growing popularity of the Internet as an avenue for business and commerce will continue to open new doors of opportunities for every fresh idea or concept.

With the total number of smartphones expected to hit five billion in 2017, the demand for online businesses in the next three to five years will increase.

Best Online Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2016

1. Personal Shopping Website

As a notoriously late Christmas shopper, I had to go through harsh traffic, terrible parking conditions, and long lines at the cashier. What would be more convenient than having a personal shopper to do the shopping for me?

A personal shopping website can do all the shopping for you. In addition to the convenience, online retailers have the advantage of getting you good deals because they go directly to the authorized distributors of manufacturers.

If you have a specific request from a retailer, the personal shopper can attend to this request, and the product will be delivered to your doorstep when you want it. The website may have a video option so that you can meet with the designated shopper for an extra personal touch!

2. Gift Boxes

One of the growing online business enterprises in the United States and Australia is gift boxes.

The contents of these packages are conceptualized according to specific themes, and they are wrapped like gifts. The largest market for gift box retailers is children. Among the interesting concepts are toys that stimulate the intellect, board games, puzzles, books, action figures, and dolls.

Customers pay a monthly subscription fee, and the gift boxes are delivered to their doorsteps every month. It’s like Christmas 12 months of the year!

3. Website Design

If you want to put up an online business, then you need a website!

Free downloadable templates are available online. However, a website is the bread and butter of your business. This investment can pay the dividends for your enterprise. Investing on a website by hiring a professional website designer is a good idea.

As a website designer, you can include programming, search engine optimization (SEO), social media consultation, and of course, maintenance services in your package.

4. Blogging

Which inbound marketing strategy has influenced 61% of consumer purchasing decisions? The answer is blogging!

The statistics that validate the power of blogging are overwhelming. It is no surprise that blogging is the center of all content marketing processes. Moreover, the best news about blogging is that ANYONE can do it! All it takes is practice and constant work.

You do not have to be an English major to write a blog. Sure, you should have a good command of the English language, but the most important aspect of blogging is the ability to connect with your audience. You have to write from your heart and not from your mind.

According to a study by Kapost, only 32% of online marketers feel that they are producing enough content. This is because they do not have the time, skill, or workforce to create content. Translation: there is a HUGE market for bloggers!

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5. Virtual Assistant

Since Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer integrated virtual assistants or telecommuters into their workforce in 2011, several US companies have followed suit. In 2014, 30%–45% of the US workforce composed of virtual assistants.

A huge demand for virtual assistants exists because they increase productivity, decrease turnover rate, and improve attrition rate. The Philippines is one of the world leaders in providing virtual assistance. In Elance alone, one-eighth of the community’s eight million freelancers are Filipinos!

If you are organized, proficient in navigating the Internet and in managing project management software, and competent in spreadsheets and word processors and if you have good communication skills, you can build a lucrative career as a virtual assistant.

6. Business Consulting

Do you have an experience in building businesses? Does your work history cover various industries? Can you work with people? Are you a solution-oriented person?

If so, a career in consultancy may be your calling! Of all the registered businesses, 98% are small businesses. These enterprises are defined by having limited capital and lack of experience.

In five years, less than 50% will be operational. If you have the expertise, you can help these small businesses grow into major contributors to the economy.

7. SEO Professional

What good is having a website if it can’t be found? To avoid this problem, hire an SEO professional!

SEO is instrumental in promoting your website in the organic search rankings of a SERP or search engine results page. Not many website owners understand what SEO involves and how it can help their business.

SEO is one of the four pillars of online marketing along with social media, content marketing, and blogging. With close to a billion websites operating in the world, a market for SEO services always exists.

8. Health and Wellness Coach

Digital technology may have fast-tracked and simplified a person’s work, which also meant having the means to do more things in a short period. The result—more stressed-out people!

Stress leads to several precarious health conditions, such as a migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes, which may lead to stroke and heart attack. This phenomenon is not localized but global in scope.

If you are trained in fitness and have knowledge in wellness programs, such as yoga and Pilates, you can easily find clients who are more than willing to avail your services.

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