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Everyone wears shirts. It’s right up there with water and oxygen for the average human’s basic needs. Which is why a lot of people also get into the business of selling shirts.

It seems easy enough on the onset. You design shirts, find a printer to make the shirts and sell. But there’s more to it than that.

The hassles of starting a t-shirt business with the traditional way

Ask any shirtpreneur about their experience of starting a t-shirt business and they’ll tell you about the hell you’ll have to go through in running one. You’ll probably have to start with just a few designs too. For just three designs, you’ll already have to spend around P20,000 to get decent rates.

Then you’ll have to find a supplier. And if you want a cheap supplier that probably means visiting Divisoria. Then you canvass other suppliers, and once you’ve decided, you go back and pay them a down payment to have your shirts made.

From there you’ll wait two weeks before the shirts arrive. And when they do, you’ll have to do some heavy lifting to bring the shirts back to your place. From there you’ll have to quality check every single one of them. And if they don’t pass your quality check, you’ll have to bring out Mr. Tough Guy while you convince the supplier to replace the low-quality shirts.

Now comes the selling. Unless you played it safe and pre-sold your shirts before production, you would expose yourself to the risk of overstocking, or investing in too many of the wrong sizes.

Start a t-shirt business hassle free and capital-free with

Not all of us are made for the operational work that comes with starting a t-shirt business. Some of us just want to design and sell shirts and not have to worry about production, delivery, etc.

Well now, that’s entirely possible with

tycoon shirts shirts by is like a t-shirt printer, LBC and Zalora combined. They handle everything from printing to delivery and even give you a nifty website to sell your shirts, so all you have to worry about is designing and selling your shirts.

With traditional ways of starting a t-shirt business, you have to wait weeks to get your shirts made, spend a lot of money and only produce a few designs due to costs. With you can upload as many designs as you want, ship shirts as soon as it’s uploaded to your website, and you cash out zero money to get started.

How does make hassle-free and capital-free shirtpreneurship possible?

Unlike most suppliers, print shirts on-demand with no-minimum-order. That means YOU don’t have to shell out any capital as the buyer pays to have your shirt made from scratch.

You create your store, upload your designs, and start selling through Facebook or to your friends and family. When a customer orders your shirt, gets it printed and delivered within 6-10 working days.

how-shirtly-worksHow much can I earn?

As much as you can! set a base price depending on your design, and you decide how much you want to add to that. For example, might charge your design P230 per shirt, and you can choose to sell it at P300 for a P70 profit.

How do I sell?

A great way is to start with your friends and family. Beyond that, recommend exploring Facebook Groups where your t-shirt concept is relevant.

They also recommend you to explore Facebook ads. In case you don’t know how to run a Facebook ad, could handle it without charging you for it. New stores are offered one free Facebook ad campaign worth P300 for one week. If you successfully sell shirts, they will deduct the P300 from your profits and if you don’t, well that’s cool. Try putting up another store. It’s free!

Zero fees required to setup a store and have shirts printed!

Start Your T-Shirt Business with

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